20 März 2006


Bye bye California

Flying cosmopolitan
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[andokedo] It’s unbelievable... we are sitting in the plane and hitting back to Germany. We are just one hour away from landing at Munich airport. The last weeks ran fast, extremely fast. Right now we don’t know when we are able to upload this report to our website. We promised to write in English. Let’s start directly.
Thank you all again for saying good bye. We will miss you! It is for sure that we stay in contact. After the doors of the plane had closed, we allowed us to cry. Thinking about what we left behind and a little bit afraid what may come in the next couple of weeks. And this was the perfect moment for a drink. Thanks to Trish and Rigo for the cosmopolitan survival kit. We asked the stewardess for the beer from the 2nd street brewery and explained that it is the best beer up and down the west coast.
Hopefully everything will be good back in Germany. If not we know a place in the world to go back!!!

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Guys ......... California and us will always wait for you!! ;)
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